The fibre glass roof has seen better days and the finish is quite powdery but not too bad considering how long it’s been there. We think we may need to re-surface it with new gel-coat at some point.

We will be trying to do as much of the work as we can ourselves in an effort to keep the costs down.

The inside walls and the ceiling lining have been stripped out, a very messy job. The good news is the framework is in great condition! There’s little sign of the dreaded rust. A quick scrub with a wire brush down to bare metal and some quick dabs of rust inhibiting Hammerite paint will put a stop to what little rust there is. We want her to still be around in at least another 50 years.

We’ve had to strip out the oak floor boards the previous owner had laid because the rain has got in through the seam  between the roof and wall at the rear and it had ruined them.

We think it’s probably for the best as they were constructed from chipboard sandwiched between an oak and a pine wood veneer which made the boards quite thick and far too heavy for a caravan. The sub-floor is constructed from plywood and looks substantial enough to only need some thin floor insulation with a light-weight covering on top, which has yet to be decided upon.

The off-set wheel arches give an indication of the Titan’s ‘Z-AXLE’ which will require further investigation for us to understand the reason for this configuration.

We had made a start on the furniture using 5 mm thick birch covered flexible plywood from Peter Benson Plywoods Ltd.

However the internal walls and furniture building has since ground to a halt as we need time to think of a layout that will best suit our needs.

As we have nowhere indoors to store the Titan, she has been put under a tarpaulin cover for the winter.

Roll on 2011...

Rip it out and start again...

15 August 2010