There’s more than one way to skin a...

The awning, waist and bottom rails we had ordered from JANDI all arrived today direct from the Hymer factory in Germany. Jean had suggested that it would save us extra delivery charges to have it delivered straight to our home. We had hoped the aluminium panels would arrive at the same time but alas they didn’t. We don’t know where we will store them while waiting for a sunny day.

4 August 2011

Aluminium turned up today all in one roll! We had ordered and were expecting 5 lengths at 7 m. Never mind it will probably mean more cutting but a lot less waste.

5 August 2011

The Electric Shears arrived this morning so I took them in to work to try them out. They cut through some 1 mm thick brass sheet like a hot knife through butter so I think they should easily cope with 0.67 mm thick aluminium.

The only place we have to store all of this stuff is in the lounge, so Christine is not very pleased as apart from it all being an eyesore, the rails are a bit of a trip hazard being 7 m long!

We’re just waiting for the 2 mm thick rolls of insulation, the 4.5 mm blind rivets and the Lazy Tongue riveter to arrive on Tuesday.

19 August 2011

Everything arrived earlier than expected so it’s all systems go.

20 August 2011

We’ve got the bottom front cheek fixed onto the door-side. It was hard work and has taken most of the day to take off the old one, cut out and rivet on the new one but it looks alright apart from a very slight ripple at the bottom near the door opening because Christine couldn’t pull it tight enough whilst I drilled the hole for the rivet. The lower side panel that goes from the door, round to the back was removed and used as a template for the new one to be cut and fitted. It took ages to do, then started to rain so she went back under the tarpaulin covers for a while...

22 August 2011