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The UK Eriba Forum: A very friendly, helpful forum, with well over 1,200 users.

The Eriba Titan Story: Rob Sieben has transformed his 1976 Titan into a fabulous polished classic.

JANDI: For all your Sales, Servicing and Repairs North of the border. They can help a lot with sourcing Eriba parts.

Caravan Talk: Caravan information and forum by caravanners for caravanners.

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Caravan Sales Drop Thanks to a Soggy Summer

It isn’t just our spirits that have been left dampened after last year’s unprecedented wet summer – touring caravan manufacturers have also reported a decline in sales, as potential buyers hold off on making their purchase until the weather is a little more reliable.

Figures from the National Caravan Council (NCC) reported a 4.7% drop in retail sales of touring caravans, whereas the sales of ex-factory models dropped a massive 15.2%. This also meant that the production of touring caravans was also slowed down, and between the months of July and September there was a fall of 16.1% compared to those same months in 2011.

Drizzle Disappointment

The unrelenting rain that we endured in summer 2012 left many caravan park owners with no choice but to close, denying them of crucial income in what is normally the peak holiday season, and also inhibiting the sales of new caravans which would need to be stored. Hopes are high that this year’s summer will be far more agreeable, and allow the touring caravan industry a much-needed opportunity to recover.

However, if you were among those that did brave the conditions to purchase a new touring caravan, make sure it’s protected with great touring caravan insurance. Look Caravan Insurance can provide a tailor-made touring caravan insurance policy that can cover most of your needs to ensure you get the best from your caravan, whatever the weather.