As time goes by...

12 February 2013

Wow! Over a year has passed and no more progress on the Titan. We’ve had a busy year what with the grandchildren and my bad back also the weather has been awful. The only thing we have to report on is the new look website. Well I’ve had plenty of time on my hands. Fingers crossed that we make better progress this year.

17 February 2013

Lots of windy weather and the wrong orientation of the shelter (forced upon us by the limitations on size and shape of our garden) has meant that the front and rear doorways have failed. The eyelets along the top have sheared through the force of the recent Westerly winds. I have had to remove them and fix them directly to the Titan front and back to keep her dry. I’ve taken a couple of photographs of her back and front to illustrate what I mean. They are great shelters but careful positioning is essential.

I have also taken a snap of the inside looking towards the rear showing the new skin, bottom right.