A 1965 Eriba Caravan

After many months of searching...

A Dutch Master Uncovered

We came across an advert on the Internet for a ‘Titan Project’. The Dutch owner, Freerk Steehuis was contacted and he sent us some images.

We were persuaded to dig deeper and a couple of emails later we were convinced that this was the right one. So we set about working out how to get it over to England from the Netherlands. At first we thought of going over there and towing it back but after checking with the owner we decided it would be quite problematic as there were no running lights or windows!

Neither of us had ever driven in continental Europe before and didn’t fancy learning how to with the added complication of towing a 45 year old caravan on the back. So we searched the Internet for shipping agents or car transport companies that could handle something as big as a Titan and be willing to nip over to the Netherlands to pick her up.

On the strength of some images...

A Moving Account

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