A 1965 Eriba Caravan

During our journey towards an Eriba Titan we have owned 6 other caravans...

Our touring caravan history

In 1993 we bought our very first caravan, a Freedom Microlight. She was a lightweight all glass fibre body with a galvanized chassis. A 3 berth, 6’ 6” wide and 9’ long and she had a pop-top but no washroom. She came with her own much needed awning that gave us extra room during the evening to relax while the babies were sleeping.

Almost there with Feeling...

Once the youngsters had grown, holidaying in a caravan was the last thing on their minds. So it was back to pop-tops with an Eriba Feeling 430. I wanted an Eriba Touring but Christine insisted we needed more space.

Our first Eriba

Our last caravan...

Was an Adria Adiva 552PH a 4 berth made in Slovenia. With a very unusual layout comprising; a fixed double bed up at the front, a central lounge and an end kitchen. It had plenty of room and was very well made but again quite heavy.

As our two children grew so did our caravan requirements. The tiny Freedom pop-top caravan was exchanged for a new ABI Sprinter 450D. A basic low cost four berth, still without a proper toilet but a washroom that could house a Portapotti.

This was followed by a second hand ABI Award Nightstar. A larger and more luxurious caravan (it had a cassette toilet). There was plenty of room for our two children to mess around and grow up in her. A classic layout with diners for and aft and kitchen and washroom amidships.

Unfortunately we discovered damp in the ABI and so traded her in for an excellent Hymer Swing 530. An extremely well built caravan from Germany. Very heavy but a pleasure to own.