A 1965 Eriba Caravan

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Created to document the process of updating a very rare 1965 vintage Eriba Titan caravan. We believe this to be the only Titan caravan in the United Kingdom.

(If you know of any others please contact us).

The name ERIBA comes from the founder, Dr. ERIch BAchem, a German aeronautical engineer who started up with Irwin Hymer at Hymer GmbH back in 1957.

In 1958 Bachem secretly drew up plans for a large family caravan equipped with all of the luxuries that were available at that time. His aim was to keep the un-laden weight below the 1000 kg mark. Two Titans were built initially. The first one was a prototype and the second was kept by Erich Bachem for his own personal use.

It was in 1961, sadly a year after Bachem’s death that Titan production began in earnest but only a few were sold up to 1968. Then the Titan took off due to the economic boom that swept through Germany in the late 1960’s. The Titan went on to sell in large numbers right up until the oil crisis hit in the 1970’s. In 1979 the last Titan left the factory at Bad Waldsee in Germany and the model was replaced by the Odin. We don’t believe any Titans were built at Cernay in France.

The Eriba Touring range, built in Cernay up until 2010, with production now at Bad Waldsee, included the Puck, Faun, Troll, Familia, Triton, Titan, Odin and for a short while, the Pontos. At around 6.5m long, the Eriba Titan was the largest of the ‘pop-top’ caravans Hymer produced.

Origins of the Eriba Titan

Above you can see the difference in size between our Titan and the previous owner’s Puck. The picture was taken in May 2010, just before the Titan left the Netherlands.

Below is the first idea I had for the interior. Drawn to help my wife visualise what the Titan could look like once it had been rebuilt. She needed reassuring that it would be a worthwhile project for us both to undertake.

We have decided to call her Phoebe after the Titan Moon Goddess.

We hope that you will keep on returning to our website to follow the progress of this Titanic project.

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