It’s a huge cover story...

12 January 2012

We’re tired of this lousy weather so we’ve ordered a cover for the TITAN. It’s a Portable Garage PRO 3,6 x 7,2 x 2,7 from the guys at Dancover. It should be large enough to allow space to work around the caravan and will look a lot neater than the tarpaulin that’s constantly flapping about on it at the moment.

The other advantage is that it will stop the cover rubbing on the caravan roof and body. Delivery is quoted at 3 to 9 days in one 119 kg package. We need to get out there and prepare 26 square meters of back garden with at least 2 metres distance to the boundary (planning restrictions). Maybe we should have measured it first.

14 January 2012

I’ve drawn a plan of our property and because of the 2 metre gap to the boundary, it looks as if we may have to put the Titan in position first and then build the garage over the top as it will be too tight to manoeuvre her into place. Unless we can persuade our neighbours that it will look alright up against the side and back fences and we lose the BBQ and chop a corner off the patio.

19 January 2012

We thought 1 box was a little ambitious and we were right as 4 large boxes from Holland arrived today. The bad news is the instructions are for one of their marquees not the garage. The good news is that it looks quite straightforward to erect with a little bit of thought and also the cover is green which is a bonus. The uprights look very strong and the pegs are about 16 inches long! Must get in that garden to prepare the ground but the weather doesn’t look like it’s going to let us this weekend...